Campus Stories

translates your campus experiences into powerful stories to inspire your target audience to action.


Campus Stories

Successful and innovative institutions of higher education document and tell powerful, relatable stories to attract an international pool of talent.

Campus Stories helps in weaving those stories together. It transforms campus experiences into digital, multimedia narratives which transcend screens and technology to convey the value of your programs and institution. Some of the formats that Campus Stories uses are experiential and biographical videos, infographics, slideshows, and  animations.


Campus Stories?

Campus Stories is a multimedia production service.

Campus Stories allows you to fully showcase the reality of your campus life, its diversity, uniqueness, and the academic experience. You are able to show the potential student the value that their investment would bring to their lives if they choose your institution. Campus Stories may include alumni impact story, student-faculty interaction, or a narrative of the campus tour.


Campus Stories also creates persuasive institutional pitches with content from recruitment tours and student study abroad experiences which can easily embed on a website, social media or in your tour’s PowerPoint.