Portrait 360

leverages digital marketing, virtual events, and outdoor advertising.


Portrait 360

Portrait 360 allows you to weave your unique institutional story through a customized strategy tailored to your specific needs and success parameters. Portrait 360 includes options such as theme-based webinars and live chats, virtual participation in youth events, email, and content marketing campaigns to reach prospective students and their parents.


Portrait 360 also allows you to use outdoor advertising, mainstream media ads, student magazines, and inserts in publications for parents and school staff.


This service leverages digital marketing and outdoor advertising to reach a clearly defined demographic with multimedia messaging.


Portrait 360?

Portrait 360 allows you to build brand awareness within very specific parameters, such as city location, demographics, socio-economic trends and preferences.

Your institution gets high-quality leads and targeted brand visibility. It is able to relay information about its program, campus, or college highlights to those most likely to find them appealing, due to their personal and professional aspirations, which are pre-identified.


You will find this service effective in generating leads for your programs, enhancing yield, and managing alumni with a strong Call to Action (CTA). It also comes in handy in creating warm-up campaigns for your planned recruitment tours and school visits, and thus increasing event attendance.