The Big Picture Project

offers high-impact, extracurricular projects and mentoring to students of grade 9 through grade 12.


Big Picture

Successful and innovative institutions inspire by telling powerful, relatable stories to attract an international pool of talent.

The Big Picture Project helps in weaving those stories together and aligning them with qualified, potential students and their aspirations.  Simply presenting programs to an audience does not work anymore. What works is curating a group of audience that is interested in your message. This project does exactly that by creating a context in which your institution’s vision and programs becomes aligned with your audience’s personal aspirations.


The Big Picture?

The Big Picture Project offers mentoring, resources and networks to students to help them pursue their passion areas. It supports their curricular inputs through extracurricular projects that create social impact.

The Big Picture Project allows you to fully showcase how your programs are aligned with your audience’s goals and passions. Using a narrative of relevance and case studies specifically tailored to a defined group of students, you are able to create meaning of your institutional message for your audience.  Only then your audience sees the value that their investment would bring to their lives if they choose your institution. This project allows you to natually tell your institutional story through your alumni impact story, student-faculty collaborations, or simply through relevant support and services being offered on campus.


The Big Picture Project helps you create persuasive institutional pitches with a variety of content pieces coming from your campus, programs, and student study abroad experiences which have deep relevance and impact on your potential students and other impotant decision makers such as parents and counselors.